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We got some Actions und BPM scripts that use external URLs.
Those URLs are, of course, different in test- and production environment.

I could not find an elegant solution for storing those information separately for each environment, so that the deployed code of the actions always is the same for test and production, but the URLs are different.

What would be best practice for that use case?

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Hi Jürgen,

the most practical solution for BPM-server Scripting is to store these System specific "configurations" in seperate Files in the folder <dms-service-install-dir>\standalone\configuration\bpm-script-api\lib.
The files can be used in the BPM-Server Scripting using
load($.LIB_PATH + '<file-name>');

to get these infos in the BPM-client context you can store it to a variable and use that one in the client context

for forward options in bpm-context unfortunanly there is no reasonable way to achieve that.

for custom actions in general client context you would have to get these informations from a central service and load it. I guess a small microservice to achieve that is in order.
I must admitt, that I never did that myself. In theory, if you have this in place it would also be a better way to handle client scripting in bpm contexts, maybe even the servers side scripting configurations.

the idea to provide you with such a service has been around for quite a while but as far as i know we didn't deliver it yet. So my recommendation is to write it yourself and centralise all your system specific configurations there.