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Hi Martin

Currently we have following entry in the main.json

"languages": [
      "iso": "de",
      "label": "Deutsch"
      "iso": "es",
      "label": "English (UK)"
      "iso": "en",
      "label": "English (US)",
      "fallback": true

As you can see, we use the spanish version to change the date format AND use the English (US) as fallback. This doesn't work all the time. Sometimes we have labels in spanish.

But only sometimes. We don't have a file called "es.json" so from where are the spanish translations?

Kind Regards

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Hi Stefano,

if the user choosed the spanish language and there is no language file the gui will be given in the default language, here EN. But all the date and number formats will be handled in spanish. The formats are part of a library we are using and can't be reconfigured.

And if sometimes not spanish date and number formats are shown but English ones this will be a bug. So, please, report this bug to our support, best with a hint how to reproduce.

Best Regards