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I added a custom link in the sidebar navigation with the cli command. I can see the generated code in the custom-states.module.ts.

    export const links: EoLinkPlugin[] = [
    path: 'https://...',
    id: 'eo.custom.link.edms.community',
    matchType: new RegExp('sidebar-navigation')

After ng build --prod the matchType in the main.js file is missing and the link is not displayed on the ui.


How can we solve this? I use "@eo-sdk/client": "6.6.0"


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Hi Stefano,

Please update your CLI to the latest version via command
npm i -g @eo-sdk/cli@5.1.5

& try to generate link again + cleanup old link/object

... the new structure should look like this:

export class EoCustomLinkEdmsCommunity {

static path = 'https://...';
static id = 'eo.custom.link.edms.community';
static matchType = new RegExp('sidebar-navigation');



export const links: EoLinkPlugin[] = [

Hope that helps.

Best regards,

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The update to the latest version of the CLI resolved the problem.
i -g @eo-sdk/cli@5.1.5

I deleted the old generated link and generated it new.

Thanks for your help


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