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Hi OS-Team & Community,

is it possible to use a logical "or" in an expert search?

My object has a field named "status" of type string, i wanna gather all objects which have either the value "started" or the value "planned"
--> how can i write such a logical "or" within the expert search form?

Many thx & Rgds

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Hi Martin,

for your usecase the in operator works just fine. You can look up its usage in https://help.optimal-systems.com/yuuvis_develop/display/onpremise/Search Service API#SearchServiceAPI-Request(HTTPbody)

here is an example on a search for a object of type "pruefauftrag" based on the field "pruefungabteilung" to be either "abt1" or "abt2":

	"types": ["pruefauftrag"],
	"filters": {
		"pruefauftrag.pruefungabteilung": {
			"o": "in",
			"v1": ["abt1", "abt2"]
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Hi Thomas,
many thx.. .i already know about the possibilities via API / Search Service to gather theses information, this works very well...
My question was how can i use a logical "or" on client "expert search" ... is there a way to this?
Thx & Rgds Martin
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Hi Martin,

at https://help.optimal-systems.com/yuuvisRAD/v60/user/client/de/client/searching-finding/cln_tsk_search-expert-mode.htm?Highlight=Expert there is the answer you are looking for. The Logical operators are AND, OR and NOT.

Be aware that you need to know the elastic designators of the fields.
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Hi Thomas,
many thx... sorry i totally overlooked this section in UserDoc!
This will help us a lot.. !!!

In general i guess such search queries will make also sense for end-users, which will use the object search in Client..
is there a way to implement/allow simple logical operators in client-bases search forms? (maybe as feature in upcoming versions)

--> Thx & Rgds Martin
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Hi Martin,

yes, there is a plan for it, but I can't say when this will be released because there are much more features with more priority now.
Did you recognise this little symbol with tool tip 'Expert mode'. This allows to use the lucene syntax including all the logical operators. But there ist no documentation at all for this. We have to explain this feature in a call if whished.

Best Regards,