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Hi OS-Team,

in your documentation of the BPM-API, there is a part where i can add a process file to a running process. See here.

Unfortunately, this script does not work. I get this error: "File element not found". The script works as long as I set the dmsObjectId to the id of the object the process was started with. But it fails with every other id.

The use case is that a workflow is started on a folder-object and some objects are added to this folder during the process. Now, I want to display an object (which object depends on the workflow step) instead of the folder.

In the digest for version 6.2 a similar example is mentioned.

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Hi Mathias,

I have tested the functionality and it works here.
Could you please open a support call and provide the project + server logs?
(core-service and bpm-service)