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Is there any build-in function to deduplicate documents either throughout a server-based import or during the creation process (new object or drag&drop onto the client)

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The newly released version 6.6 offers a duplicate chek during creating new objects with files via in-tray in the client. If the file has been saved as the content of an object and the user has access to this object he get a hint about this situation. The concerning objects can be opened. The user can now decide whether to save the file again or to cancel the task.

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In Addition, it would be great if the user could choose whether a reference to the existing file should be set instead of cancelling.. i guess the idea is that the newly created object should have the relation to the content (information given by this specific doc) which the user would like to upload.. (just as an idea :-) )
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Yes, this will come. We are working on an AI Service that in the first step will classify documents with respect to its context, and in the second step it will extract data and map these to the configured fields and search for folders where the new object can be filed in. But this will come during version 7.x within the next year.

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