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Hi again,

we are currently implementing a microservice that we connect to the Yuuvis ActiveMQ via JMS. We consume the topic "indexDataChanged" and use a durable subscriber with a retry policy.

On our DEV environment we had the situation that our Micorservice received/consumed all JMS messages again after restarting the "yuuvis RAD service manager".

We could not reproduce the problem so far. But we want to make sure that this problem does not affect us on production.

Therefore we would like to monitor the ActiveMQ.

  • Is the ActiveMQ Web Console active and if not, could it be activated?
  • Is it possible to monitor the AMQ with e.g. https://hawt.io/ via JMX (or Jolokia REST interface)?

Many thanks and best regards

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Hi Martin,

yes, it is possible to connect to Hawtio. To do so, you have to start Hawtio locally and add the /manage path when the connection is established.

Best regards,

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Hello Martin,

if you just want to monitor the number of messages in each queue, you can use the swagger-ui interface or the corresponding rest-ws endpoint:
-> click on the drop-down box at the top and select "messaging-api"
-> click on "api-controller"
-> click on "/api/cpb/browsequeues"
-> click on "Try it out!" button.
In the response body section you will see each existing queue with its current number of contained messages. Also you will see the exact url - for programmatic use.

Best regards

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