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Hello everybody,
can someone from the product team tell if there are any plans to add the functionality to show/hide fields in a form based on some criteria?

Basically setting a kind of visibility attribute of a model field to true/false just like the attributes required and readonly?

scope.model.field123.readonly = true/false;
scope.model.field123.visible= true/false;

This would enable some interesting use cases!


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Hi Clemens,

we have had a similar question recently:

Unfortunately we do not offer this feature currently. But we would like to discuss your use cases to see if we can find another solution for it. Please contact me via behle@optimal-systems.de and i will arrange a meeting.

Best regards,

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Hi Celemens,

just be written down what we have discussed:

To control the access of fields by role-based permissions leads to maintenance overhead and performance influences. So we don`t want to offer such features.

The solution for not showing administrations index data to the users is in general:
a) The user should not configure such fields to be shown in the result list
b) The forms can be designed using tabs. One of the tubs is named 'Administrational data' and is offered as last one.

Best Regards

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