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Hi all,

In a PBM Script, I want to call this service: /rest-ws/service/organization/query

The problem is, that the organization has a lot of users and the call takes a while. After 30 seconds, I get a timeout-error. Can this time-limit be increased?

I had a look in this file: <service-manager>\config\application-prod.yml

But I think this is not the correct file as the timeout is set to 60 seconds by default.

Thank you for your help.

Regards, Mathias

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Hello Mathias,

the (default) timeout configured for the connection to the dmsidecar-service is used within the bpm scripts. So, to change the timeout for your bpm-script you have to change the timeout for the dmssidecar-service connection. To do this, create the following file:

and write the following line into it (to set the timeout to 60 seconds):

You can change the timeout value as you desire. The unit is milliseconds. For the change to take effect you have to restart the dms-/core-service.

Best regards

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