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Hello everybody,
Is there a way to use a Document checksum ("digest") to search for the object(s) in which this Document is contained?

Say we have a .pdf file from another system for which we can generate the sha256 checksum.
This checksumwill also be presented in the yuuvis web client if this document is archived in yuuvis and a user navigates to this object. The same checksum is also available via the dms service getItem within the "contents" attribute.

But how can we use this checksum to find the object id(s) in the first place?


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Hello Clemens,

the checksum that you can see in the client and via getItem is an internal base-parameter that is currently not available for searching or querying.
The only way to achieve this at the moment is to create or add an indexdata field to the objecttype(s) and write the checksum into this field at creation time of the object/content-file.

If this is an important topic for you, feel free to write an email to our product management at pm[at]optimal-systems.de.

Best regards

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Hello Nicolai,
thanks a lot for the fast reply!
We will see what other workarounds we can come up with to find a solution to our requirement. If we cannot go without the ability to search for objects by document digest I will get in contact with your product management.

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Hello Clements,

This feature is planned for coming with version 6.6 oder latest in 6.8.

Ticket: COOL-12225

Best Regards

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