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Hi all,

I implemented a field with the type ID and set the classification to another object type.
When I want to select a reference, i get this window where I can search the element. When I click on the link symbol on the right, the link is not correct.

The link is host/object/id (results in a gateway error)
but it should be host/enaio/client/object/id

When I select an item and click on the link symol in the form, the link is then correct.

Version is yuuvis 6.0

FYI: The environment has 2 gateways configured. I don't know if this could be helpful.

Regards, Mathias

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Hi Mathias,

I have tested as well. You found a bug, which will be fixed with version 6.4: COOL-12113

Best Regars

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Hi Martin,

thank you for your evaluations. I am looking forword to version 6.4.

Regards, Mathias
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this problem should be solvable by changing some settings in the Management Studio.

If you login to the Management Studio, go to "System" (should be in the upper left menu).
You should find at the top the two tabs "Settings" and "Schema history".
When in "Settings", go to the middle where there should be the two tabs "E-Mail" and "DMS service", where you want to go to "DMS service".
Now, further down, go to the tab "Global" and even further down, go to the tab "Gateway access".
The first line is "Client path", the second line "Gateway host".
In your case, the "Client path" is probably empty, but should have "enaio/client" in it. The Gateway host is probably right for you, so no changes need to be made there.

Save the changes and that should be all you need to do.


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Hi Yannick

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the settings are already as described. The link is still not correct. Do you have another suggestion?

Regards, Mathias

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