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Hello Yuuvis Community,
this is regarding yuuvis RAD 5.20.

What is the best approach to assign a process model to multiple but not all object types?

It seems in the designer you can either select a main object type for a process model and set "allow other object types" to false, or you can set this flag to true and have the process model available for all object types.

Thanks a lot


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the only way to do that in 5.20 should be to write a Custom Action to do that (make it availaible for all types and then in the decision script, check for the types of the object(s) to decide wether to allow this action or not).

There has been an overhaul regarding that and from, I believe, 6.02 onwards (might even be a later release) you should be able to set the Object Types with which you can start a workflow in the process model itself.


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The new configuration is available starting with yuuvis RAD 6.2.
This is how it looks like: