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when I upload a file to yuuvis am I right, that the the change and creation date of the file is lost?

When I download the file, the creation and modify date is always the durrent date.
Also the information in yuuvis does not reflect these values. It is just the creation and modify date of that yuuvis object.

So the questions is, is the information saved anywhere, so I can get ist via REST?
Or can I extract it via Extraction service and save it in a hidden field so I can get it via REST?

But the data the extraction service gives me (via Swagger), seems also not to be the real system change and creation date:

Thank you for the help in advance.


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Files are uploaded using http POST. This process does not include any meta information about the content file metadata given by the operation system. The only attribute that is by standard available (using the content-disposition header) is the filename that is stored and preseverved by the system. Modification and creation times of the content is not transmitted at all.
Same is true for the extraction service: The extraction services works on content that is posted to the service. It simply has not the information available.
Except: If the content has additional meta data ( like EXIF Information) that data is mapped to the OS:ModifyDate or OS:CreateDate. See https://help.optimal-systems.com/yuuvis_develop/display/onpremise/Extraction Service: Tag mapping definition

The only way the archive the goal to keep the os file metadata is to use additional index data properties and setting this values during import of the content. But this information will be wrong if some user is replacing the content file in any way.


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Thank you for the answer. I hoped this is not the case.
So we maybe use the modification date of the object.
This date will not be correct but in the most cases much closer than the current Date.
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I investigated a little further and for me it seems like a bug.
If I use der REST endpoint getItemContentExtractionData
The modify and creation date is alway the current date.