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Hello everybody,
can somebody share some information about the "limit" parameter in the search via the client url?

The documentation is referring to this parameter "limit" - i assume this is to reduce the amount of records in the result list.
https://help.optimal-systems.com/yuuvis_develop/display/onpremise/Client URL Usage

If this assumption i correct i am interested in two aspects of this:

Is this "limit" parameter actually respected in your client url searches?
When testing this parameter in our system it seems like it is not respected, since the result set stays the same regardless.

Is there any way to manipulate the sorting of the search?

Intended use case:
We want to point a user to a search result in the yuuvis client - but only show the latest record for the provided filters.

Best regards,

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Hi Clemens,

sorry, limit is no more supported, use size instead.
We will correct the documentation.

Ordering is possible. See the syntax in this documentation:

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