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In the process models, actions can contain forward as well as link types. The link address for link types must then be set. Can the link address value be changed by script to keep it dynamic?

Regards, Mathias

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Hello Mathias,

unfortunantly the link address is set in a non dynamic fashion.
since to date we build the clients we jumped to this was not a hard limitation but i can see the advantage of more dynamic addressation.

If you want, you can ask our product management for a change in that regard, to show them that it would be handy.

until the link address can be adjusted you will have to write a little client to jump to, that in turn gathers data from the process via our rest interface and produces the jump or action you actually want from there.


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Hi Mathias,

I will discuss this with our team. Ticket: COOL-11480

Please, can you describe your use case here, so that we can understand what you want to reach? Maybe there are more possible solutions than that suggested by you.

BR Martin

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Hi Martin,

The use case is quite simple: I want to implement a button that links to the process file of the task. I'm aware, that this can also be done by clicking on the tab process file. But that is not coherent for every enduser.

Thank you for the discussion with your team.

Regards, Mathias
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We have discussed this item, and we will not do something more as is, because we are afraid that too many more wishes will come up and that at the end the client will get too many buttons here and that it looks not really well then.
We are looking forward to offering an action menu for BPM-tasks as well so that this requirement can be solved with this feature.

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