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Hello OS

I've read about file-based and object-based dynamic lsits.
Is it possible to set nodes as child-nodes? Provided that the child object has a value that references on the parent object.

Thank you for your answers.

Regards, Mathias

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Hello Mathias,

Please, can you tell us more details about the use case you want to achieve? May be with an example of values ...

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Hello Martin,

the use case is that a customer is using WebProtégé to portray a taxonomy of products. I created an example and imported it to yuuvis. I looks this way:

If the parent value ist empty, it means that it is a root element.

When i create an object based dynamic list it looks this way (please ignore the look of the values):

I want it to look this way (created with a catalog in Designer with child nodes):

Regards, Mathias

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If you look at the first example shown here on the yuuvis help page regarding form scripting:

You can see that you can have hierarchical lists as you can see in catalogs. In the Example you would have the root node "4711" with the child nodes "1" and "2", and you would have the second root node "4712" with the child nodes "3" and "4".
I have not tested myself wether or not multiple levels are possible (as in your "Weiswein" -> "Pinot Blanc" -> "50 cl"/"75 cl" example), but theoretically they should be.
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Hi Yannick,

thank you for the hint, this worked perfectly.

Regards, Mathias