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We would like to add some "smart collection" feature in our custom client (using eo-core). The dmsObject has an attribute of keywords which is of type table. This functions as a simple tag list.
To implement a smart collection, I assumed the stored queries are appropiate: I would like to create a stored query that mimics this smart collection behavior. The query is configured to search a a tags or multiple tags (boolean AND).

Are there any examples/documentation how to create this kind of query?



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Our 'Saved searches' (stored queries?) can´t be used for the purpose to find objects where two tagging terms either in existing in tables with more than one column nor in the tables used for multi-value string fields.
You may use the expert search for this purpose.
I will check as well if our Search API is supporting something more and will come back.

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Thanks Martin.

I think the StoredQueriesService in combination with expert search fits our requirement. Though it's not possible to store expert searches in the standard (default) yuuvis webclient, the API supports it well.

As said before our "Note" has a property 'keywords' of type Table:

1) get the correct field, simply get the correct index via '[IP]/_cat/indices'
2) get dmsObject [IP]/enaiored_1/dmsobject/[UUID]
3) the corresponding elastic field is 'str_note_keywords'

Now we are able to construct a StoredQuery:

let query = new StoredQuery();
query.expertMode = true;
query.term = "str_note_keywords:Bewerbung";

In this example it's the query for the keyword, aka Tag, "Bewerbung". In the UI we simply display all StoredQueries as Folders/Collections and implemented tagging functionality via Drag and Drop. In the implementation the terms are just concatenated (AND).

I'm just testing at which point I might hit some size restriction for the search term...

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