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Use case:
A user wants to select an item of a dynamic list which is build out of enaio objects. The restriction is, that this user has no rights (not even READ) on this objects.


  1. Is it possible to achive this only with a form script?
  2. If i have to use a self written microservice, how can I use a technical user for this microservice?

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If the user has no access rights to the objects the value should come from you have to use a microservice as proxy, because it is not possible by client-side scripts to switch the user as you may imagine with a look to security aspects.
The microservice has to login to enaio and the used user should be be one having only access to this object.
Since the documentation on how to build a microservice does not exist, Please, wait until somebody of PRDEV is showing his example code.
We have prepared an area on developer.enaio.org where existing microservices should be published for reuse: https://developer.enaio.org/display/DD/Custom Microservices
There you can find a video where we explained the use of dynamic fields in combination with a microservice, but not in complete depth (sorry for only German).

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This is the answer I expected ;-)

Is there a snippet or tutorial for a microservice (which is hosted in the servicemanager) to login to enaio with other credentials than the current context?
Or is it possible to run the microservice under a defined (technical) user?