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Hello, the following two questions have come up within a project?

  1. Is there a way to build a view into an yuuvis database looking at a database of a foreign system?

  2. Is there a way to write records to the yuuvis database with simple database means?

Condition: Both databases are located on a database server.

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Hello @bschake,

abot your questions:
1. Since interactig with our database directly is not intended by design, i don't see any advantage it might give you. If you want to read foreign databases from forms or server scripts you should build a little microservice that ancapsulates the DB-interactions as REST calls and consume it from your scripts.
2. You should never write into our database directly. We consider it our domain and can't enforce consistency and compliance if you do so. If you want to manipulate data values in our system you should always use the rest-ws interface (/rest-ws). Manipulating data entities in yuuvis/enaio for example might be done by using the endpoint /rest-ws/service/dms/{id}.

I hope these answees suit your questions. if you feel like i misunderstood your question, please rephrase it.

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