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Hello OS,

We want to disable persistent versioning of a specific object in yuuvis / enaio.

Background: We have a special object, which contains a logfile of errors, that occured during a nightly batch job, which transfers all new invoices to some SAP system. With the standard subscription feature, the admin can simply monitor the object, .

If there are alot of errors, the logfile gets updated every time and also versioned.
This takes up ALOT of (unnecessary) disc space, which we need to avoid.

How do we prevent this?

Thank you,

Peter Straßer

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Hello Peter,

you can turn off the versioning of indexdata but not of the content-files. Maybe you can insert the contents of the logfile into a long-string field and thus avoid having a content-file?

The versioning of indexdata can be changed on a object-type level in the designer. In the properties of the object-type you find the category "behaviour" (Verhalten) and there the checkbox "versioning of indexdata" (Versionierung der Indexdaten). Uncheck it and activate the schema.


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Thank you Nicolai,

it was a lazy solution anyway. :) We will discuss some changes.