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When we have a read-only input field, lets say "msg". then we cant use scope.model.msg.error = {msg: myError}; If the field is writeable, everything works fine.

We need to use the workaround with the formscript and error function because its not possible to evaluate the start conditions of a process.

I know it does not make sense to have an error method on a read-only field, but at the moment we are forced to use this workaround. It should just tell the user an information "are you sure to start the process".

Any other suggestions to set an error on a formscript?

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This current behavior is correct.
The correct solution would be to set the complete form as incorrect including a message as it is for a field -> CR -> Story-Ticket COOL-8114, will come within the next iterations.

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Hello Martin,
is there any information if it will be possible to set an error to readonly fields?
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This ticket is still in the backlog for version 5 and will not be delivered before april 2019.
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We would change the read-only msg field to an optional notice field, where the user can enter some additional information. On this field we can set an error. This field wouldnt be necessary. It would nice to have an method at the startform to throw an error.