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We are upgrading from Enaio 3.36 to 4.12.

after upgrade form's field value change by the form script like

 scope.model.formfield.value = 'a';

doesn't trigger the field's 'onchange' event anymore, but on 3.36 it was working.
The form field value onchange logic, was very powerful because it can be triggered also by the script value changes and was working very well on 3.36.

Is there a syntax change for it? How to make it work again?

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There was no change and this must work.
If not, Please, contact our support.

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I must apologize and withdraw my testimony.
There were customers who pointed out that it would be a mistake if an onchange fires when a value is changed by a script.
So we corrected that. Since the programmer himself changes the value, he knows this happens and then has to take care of the next steps himself.
So it is a correction of an incorrect behavior.