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I deployed a process model. In management stuido there are shown 2 warnings.

The designer provides some validation regarding the schema, but the actual process model seems ok. Where can I inspect what the warnings are (and perhaps correct them)?

System used:
Product: enaio® red management studio
Version: 5.4
management studio version: 5.5.0-20190517084446

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Unlike schema validation, process validation has its own tab:

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One more thing that is important to know:

If server contains a different schema than the project which is verified in designer, there may be a mismatch between Errors and Warnings in designer (schema, roles and process model match) and server (process model is the same as in designer, but some roles may be missing or some objecttypes that are used in the model).

In that case, modeller shall make a snapshot of the system in designer and perform model validation in the designer to see what is different.

Further details can be found here: